About Sessions

Day 1. November 25(Thu.)

Special Lecture: Destructive Innovation brings from AI, According Solution of Voluntary Innovation

Session1. Hyperscale AI

Beginning of Hyperscale AI Generation, Converting Whole Paradigm
Hyperscale AI refers to the next generation AI that heightens deep learning efficiency based on super computing infrastructure processing a massive
amount of data very quickly. It carries out a variety of assignments such as writing, creating, and coding but also analyzing data, learning, and judging as completely as human brain does. AI, tantamount to brain of human thinking-learning-judging-behavior in a comprehensive and voluntarily manner.
Its future will be drawn and unfolded during the upcoming Global AI Summit 2021.

Special Session

Session2. Sevice, Platform

The Convergence of Business and AI
Many corporations attempt to enhance their service level taking advantage of AI. AI speaker that gives a quirky answer is not allowable in business sector, even though the answer makes people laugh. Therefore, business leaders in various sectors would share how they have achieved business innovation
with 'AI Service Platform' to help participants understand the approaches of leading business to a success.
Session3. Manufacturing

AI Power Converting the Manufacture and Production Paradigm
AI to become the future of manufacturing industry. AI manufacturing platform makes AI smart factory possible, provides quality matching solution
between producers and users, and supports transactions ultimately to allow quality solution development and manufacturing innovation. In particular,
this session provides an opportunity to discuss the future of AI that could play a key role in overcoming manufacturing SMEs' limits.

Day 2. November 26 (Fri)

Special Lecture: Policies for the responsible development of AI innovations

Session 4. AI and Mobility

Life Changes Through the Revolution of Mobility
Silicon Valley is now becoming AIbility(AI+Mobility) Valley! Since 2019, Silicon Valley has started becoming a center for many companies involved in
mobility sectors spanning from auto-map and vehicle manufacturing to autonomous driving and riding share. Big tech companies joining in mobility industries, as well as AI chip companies, have been thriving further with the growth of autonomous driving system industry. The 'Global AI Summit 2021'
would presents Silicon valley's changes that have opened a new chapter with mobility industry reinvigorate with AI and software.
Session 5. AI and Healthcare

AI Technology, the Measure of Upgrading the Life Quality
AI and its application in diverse business sectors. Health care is one of the most noticeable sectors among them. It is expected that remote medication
would be common in advanced nations and AI technology would also be adopted in the relevant sectors. With advanced technology of AI,
average life expectancy would be extended and gaps between the rich and poor would be addressed in the medical sector as well.

Session 6. AI and Commerce

Plus the Possibility to Red Ocean
To live is to buy. From commodities for a living, food, clothes and shelter to items for individual happiness. We have been living in an abundance of
diverse products and services that the human needs. Transaction channel has been diversified and E-Commerce has long been popularized.
Now, the E-Commerce with adopting new diverse technologies encounters AI to continuously take new challenges and attempts without limits.
Session 7. Environment and AI

AI, Savior of the Earth Environment?
A new paradigm of protecting earth environment, AI. Global companies have shared a sustainable future that AI could create and paid attention to
AI technologies friendly to the environment and humanity. As a key technology for the future, AI would reinvent itself as a human-oriented technology to deliver a better life for the humanity and be utilized for the earth environment.