MBC is beginning a new challenge.

MBC will hold Global AI Summit 2021 bringing AI specialists and developers all together in hopes that Korea would advance as a powerhouse of digital media in the near future.

Technology has a potential to change lives of humanity. It drives economic growth as well as address social issues. It is also recognized as an original source that heightens global competitiveness of nations and businesses.

Now, we have to make another great advancement based on tremendous achievements that we have made to leap forward as an ICT powerhouse.

We have been working very hard so far to prepare for the future, and already acquired enough capabilities. The private sectors and corporate efforts combined with the government supports have been generating encouraging outcomes in data, network and AI sector, the key basis of the 4th industrial revolution.

Now is time to move one step further for the future. With technology and ICT as a driving force, we have to secure the sectors that we could gain benefits in the future and move forward into the era of innovative technology.

Especially, AI technology has become all the more important as it has infiltrated into industries and our daily life. Still, even though it is too early to say that we are now a leading nation in AI, we have an ample potential to achieve the status of AI power beyond IT power.

A key to becoming a leading AI nation lies in people. In this regard, I hope insights, experiences and vision that global leaders in AI would share with us could establish the fundamental basis for a better future in which all humanity could evenly and safely share the benefits from the advancement. Thank you.

Park Sung-jae, President and CEO of Munwha Broadcasting Corporation.